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Driverless Cars Open Legal Can of Worms

Driverless cars are among the most exciting automotive technology to emerge in the recent past. Cars with automated driving software are being developed and tested by a number of manufacturers, including Uber, Google, Audi, Tesla, and Mercedes-Benz. These innovations are raising questions in several areas: technical, ethical, and particularly, legal. Self-driving vehicles are challenging traditional notions of liability and fault. These can be challenging issues even in cars driven by people. They are even more complicated with autonomous vehicles. Say a driverless car rear-ends the car in front of it. Who is in the wrong? The passenger in the car for...

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The Five Most Dangerous Intersections in Phoenix

Phoenix traffic collisions have been on the rise for four straight years, with intersections being especially dangerous. An estimated 25 percent of traffic fatalities and 50 percent of collision injuries happen in these places. These “planned points of conflict,” as the Federal Highway Safety Administration calls them, require that drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists all be vigilant to avoid causing an accident. In ranking high-risk crossroads in Arizona, Phoenix is home to half of the most dangerous ones. The west and central metro areas are the most risky, with many shops, residents, and businesses making driving hectic. The area between Indian School...

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Parents Push Mandatory Driver Testing Law

The parents of a teen tragically killed in a semi-truck crash last summer are pushing for a change to Arizona traffic law that would require testing for drugs and alcohol after any crash involving an injury or death. Currently, such testing is not mandatory in the state and happens at the discretion of officers on the scene. The parents are hoping that the change, which they’ve christened “Joe’s Law” in honor of their late son, will bring more accountability and more appropriate punishment to drivers who cause crashes while under the influence.   Two Died in Interstate 10 Crash Joseph Smith, age eighteen, was...

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