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Don't Let the Insurance Company Underpay You

Gilbert Car Accident Lawyer

Getting full compensation for an auto wreck means knowing what your claim is worth before accepting a settlement. Get the full value of your case by consulting with a Gilbert car accident lawyer.

Getting into a car accident sets off a chain of events that requires time, effort, money, and stress. If the accident wasn’t your fault, you deserve justice for this inconvenience and the lasting consequences to your health and finances. From the medical bills you may have racked up to a compromised quality of life, you have to look at all the factors that have affected you since your car crash occurred.

When someone else was negligent, reckless, or otherwise at fault for the collision, you’re entitled to a fair and full settlement to compensate for your losses and damages. This is a lot to grapple with when you’re still shaking off the initial shock and trauma of colliding with another vehicle, especially in a high-speed crash.

Equip yourself with the experience and knowledge of Our lawyer, a Gilbert car accident lawyer who will help you win the payout you deserve. He will be in your corner while the insurance companies try to offer you far less than you deserve. With the right legal representation, you can ensure a satisfactory settlement.


Pursuing an Auto Wreck Claim in Arizona

In the state of Arizona, you typically have two years to file your personal injury lawsuit from the time of your injury. However, this statute of limitations does come with exceptions, such as accidents involving government employees, so it’s best to act as soon as possible. If you have sustained injuries from a car accident within the last two years, you can pursue a claim and be rewarded with a substantial sum.

If the timeframe is correct and you are not at fault, Our lawyer will be able to take your personal injury claim from there. You should work with a Gilbert car accident lawyer with knowledge of the local laws, a track record of success, and the practical knowledge to help you seek justice—and that’s what you’ll get with The Injury Law Group.


Calculating Compensation for Your Car Crash

Here are some of the damages that you can collect, both obvious expenses and lesser-known factors with financial impact:


  • Damage to Your Vehicle – Particularly if your vehicle is completely totaled in a crash, it’s crucial that you maximize the money you get to cover repair or replacement.


  • Personal Property Damage – This includes any items in your vehicle that were also damaged, including a laptop, a bike attached to the car, or a cracked cell phone.
  • Car Rental – These expenses cover that in-between time when you’re either getting your vehicle repaired or figuring out which car you will purchase to replace a wrecked vehicle.
  • Out-of-Pocket Expenses – Towing, transportation from the accident, and any other expenses associated with the accident should all be considered in your settlement amount.

Of course, medical bills, income loss from time off work, therapy, and your pain and suffering should all be considered when calculating the figure that best represents your total financial losses.  When you look at the statistics and facts for car accidents in Arizona, you’ll see many forms of negligence, including distracted driving, intoxication, and defective tires and auto parts.  


Contact a Winning Gilbert Auto Wreck Attorney

Don’t hesitate in getting the compensation you deserve. You can get a free consultation with Our lawyer, an experienced Gilbert car accident lawyer, by calling 602-456-4166 or by completing the form below. Fair and full compensation for your car crash starts here.