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Don't Let the Insurance Company Underpay You

Mesa Car Accident Lawyer

Work with a Mesa car accident lawyer and make certain that your auto wreck claim results in the settlement you need, not the one the insurance company wants to give you.

Car crashes don’t just cause expensive vehicle repair, they also inflict devastating injuries that can take a tremendous amount of time and medical care to recover from. Possibly worse is the impact that these wounds can have on your quality of life, sometimes making it impossible to take part in the activities that you once enjoyed or work and earn a living.

Adding to all of this is the deep sense of injustice that occurs when someone other than you was to blame for causing the auto wreck. When this is the case, you do have the option to seek justice through financial compensation, but doing so on your own can be a challenging process. You’re all but certain to be up against a large insurance company, and you can bet that they won’t want to pay out more than the bare minimum.

This doesn’t have to stop you from getting the settlement you deserve for your traffic collision, however. Our lawyer, an experienced Mesa car accident lawyer, can guide you through the legal process and bring your personal injury claim to the successful conclusion that you deserve.


Proving Fault in Automobile Wrecks

Before work can begin on your claim, your crash will first need to be investigated to determine how strong your case is and who was at fault for causing it. This is an important step for several reasons. First, we need to identify everyone who was even partially to blame for what happened. If it turns out that more than one party caused your accident, you’ll need to name them all in your suit so that you can recover financial damages from each of them.

Second, it’s equally important that our Mesa car accident lawyer develops a case that limits your own liability. According to Arizona’s comparative negligence law, the percentage of fault that is attributed to you will then be used to reduce your settlement amount. This means that a $100,000 payout could be reduced to $75,000 if you are found responsible for 25 percent of the fault.

It’s essential that the cause of your crash be identified so that there’s no doubt as to who was responsible. If distracted, drunk, drowsy, or reckless driving were involved, the evidence that implicates the other driver needs to be collected. Likewise, if a defective auto part or dangerous roadwork site played a role, it’s important to prove that the blame lies with the manufacturer or construction crew.


Full Compensation for Your Car Crash Injuries

With a compelling case developed, the next step will be determining what a fair settlement amount would be. As a Mesa car accident lawyer, Attorney * knows how to properly value a claim, no matter what type of injury you experienced.

He’ll work closely with your physician so that nothing is overlooked, as it’s essential to factor in your future needs as well as your current ones, and your non-economic damages in addition to your financial expenses:

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) – While TBIs vary greatly in severity, they frequently require ongoing medical care, expensive medication, and can prevent you from working. The worst examples of brain damage can strain a marriage and your personal relationships, as they interfere with your cognitive abilities.
  • Spine Injuries – From whiplash to herniated discs to a severed spinal cord, few wounds can inhibit your physical abilities more than a spinal injury. You might need special mobility equipment and be forced to renovate your home to make it handicap-accessible. The emotional toll can be immense, and the lost enjoyment of life equally significant.
  • Broken Bones – Bone fractures are probably the most common injury seen in auto wrecks, and while some will heal fine, others might require intensive surgeries to bring the bones back into alignment. It’s even possible that a permanent disfigurement could result.
  • Wrongful Death – Fatal crashes are sadly common, but if you want to seek justice for your loved one, our Mesa car accident lawyer can help you recover the compensation that will allow you to protect your family’s future and preserve what you built together.


Insurance Companies and the Aftermath of a Traffic Collision

Even with a strong case and a fully valued claim, many accident victims hesitate to file a personal injury claim because they worry about going to court. The truth is that only a minority of cases require a trial to reach a settlement. Most claims settle out of court through negotiations.

The key is that you have to be willing to go to court, however. If the insurance company doesn’t think that you’re serious about seeking compensation, they might try to stall and draw out negotiations, hoping to hit the two-year statute of limitations so that you’ll lose your right to file. Sometimes filing a personal injury lawsuit and setting a court date is what it takes to get the other side to negotiate in earnest.

Whether your court case can settle through negotiations or will require trial, our Mesa car accident lawyer will represent your best interests. You’ll be provided with honest legal counsel from start to finish, and all of the legal difficulties and communications will be handled on your behalf so that you can focus on healing.


Mesa Car Accident FAQ

Few injury victims come out of a car crash without a number of questions they’d like to have answered. This is a difficult time, and it’s perfectly normal to be unsure of how to proceed. We’ve answered a handful of common questions below, but if you’d like more information, please call our office so that you can speak with our Mesa car accident lawyer.

Does it help my case if the other driver in the wreck was ticketed for speeding?

Absolutely. When drivers choose to drive faster than what’s safe, they’re making a choice to put others at risk. Whether the speeding can be proven through tire marks or an officer’s radar gun, it can only improve your chances for compensation.

My neck hurts after a minor rear-end collision. Was I injured?

Even the most minor rear-end accident can result in a bad case of whiplash. The pain and stiffness can make it almost impossible to move your neck, which can negatively impact all areas of your life and qualify you for a settlement.

How do I get compensated if the driver who hit me was uninsured?

You can file an uninsured driver claim with your own insurance if you have the necessary provision within your policy. If that fails to provide enough compensation, it might be worthwhile to sue the uninsured driver directly through a personal injury lawsuit.


Consult with a Mesa Auto Wreck Attorney

From sideswipes to head-on collisions, getting fair and full compensation might not be a simple process, but it is possible—even with a large insurance company standing in your way. You can make everything go much smoother and give yourself the best chance for a comprehensive payout by working with The Injury Law Group.

Attorney Our lawyer is a Mesa car accident lawyer who cares about his clients. You deserve to be treated fairly after your crash, and you deserve to be treated as a person, not a case number. Find out how we can help you by submitting your information in the form below or by calling 602-456-4166.