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Phoenix Bicycle Accident Lawyer

If you were hurt in a car crash as cyclist, you can hold the negligent driver responsible and get compensated for your injuries. Find out if you have a case by consulting with a Phoenix bicycle accident lawyer.

A bicycle-car accident can easily leave you seriously injured—possibly even permanently disabled. Recovery, when possible, can be incredibly expensive, as medical bills accrued at a time when you’re unable to work can make for a difficult proposition. When recovery isn’t possible, you might be facing a future with the need for ongoing healthcare and special accommodations.

If you weren’t at fault for the car accident that caused either situation, you have a right to expect compensation from the at-fault party or their insurance. This is often easier said than done, however, as insurance companies have a habit of shorting the compensation of victims so that they can pad their profit margins.

The good news is that you don’t have to risk being taken advantage of by an insurance company. Our lawyer, a Phoenix bicycle accident lawyer, can go to work on your behalf and ensure that the settlement you receive is both fair and comprehensive.


Negligence and Bicycle-Car Crashes

Your personal injury claim will hinge on being able to prove that someone else was at fault for causing your bike wreck. Negligence can take many forms, and identifying it isn’t always a simple matter—much less proving it.

Our Phoenix bicycle accident lawyer can conduct a full investigation to determine who was at fault and how. It might even be that more than one party played a role:

  • Bike Lane Accidents – Drivers have a legal obligation to share the road with cyclists. This is especially true on roads with a designated bike lane. If a driver encroached on your space or drove in the lane, they’ll most likely be at fault, but other parties, such as road crews or the city government, might be at fault if the lane was obstructed or poorly designed.
  • Intersection Bike Accidents – Intersections can be incredibly dangerous for bicyclists. The driver of a car, truck, or motorcycle should be at fault if he or she failed to yield the right-of-way, but a company or government agency might be responsible if the traffic or crosswalk light malfunctioned.
  • Dooring – Sometimes bicycle riders are injured when drivers open the door of a parked vehicle into their path. Obviously, the driver should be mostly responsible, but a third party could be partially responsible if an obstruction somehow blocked his or her view.


Compensation for a Bike Wreck

Because the injuries sustained in bicycle-car accidents tend to be catastrophic, it’s incredibly important that you receive the compensation you need to enable the maximum recovery possible for your case. Your personal injury claim should seek monetary restitution for every single financial expense and non-economic loss you suffer because of your bike crash.

While the financial losses might seem obvious, it’s important to make certain that you receive compensation to cover your future needs, as well. Conversely, non-economic losses can be difficult to assign a dollar value to, as these represent the negative effect your injuries have on your life, but our Phoenix bicycle accident lawyer will help you arrive at a complete assessment.

These are just a few of the damages that your claim should consider:

  • Medical bills for current and future care
  • Lost wages, income, and earning capacity
  • Cost of medication and mobility equipment
  • Physical and emotional therapy
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost companionship and sexual function
  • Decreased overall quality of life


Dealing with an Insurance Company After a Bicycle Crash

Once fault has been established and your personal injury claim has been properly valued, the next step is convincing the insurance company to take your case seriously and make a settlement offer that is fair. Their initial offer is almost certain to be less than you deserve, as they’ll want to settle your claim as cheaply as possible.

Getting full compensation usually requires a great deal of negotiation, but this isn’t something you’ll want to handle yourself. This is because insurance companies tend to use the statements of victims out of context against them in an attempt to push blame for the bike-car crash onto them.

Our Phoenix bicycle accident lawyer can handle all of the communication and negotiation on your behalf, so you don’t have to worry about inadvertently giving the insurer an unfair advantage. Even if court becomes necessary—which only occurs in a minority of cases—we’ll be there to represent you and provide counsel throughout the legal process.


Contact a Phoenix Bike Accident Lawyer

You deserve a full settlement after getting hit by a car while riding a bike. Let Attorney Our lawyer put his experience to use and help you determine what your claim is worth and prove who caused it. To get started with a free, no-pressure case evaluation with our Phoenix bicycle accident lawyer, give us a call at 602-456-4166 or enter your information into the contact form on this page.