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Phoenix Bus Accident Lawyer

Bus crashes can inflict serious injuries that can put both your future and your finances at risk. Find out if you can seek compensation by consulting with a Phoenix bus accident lawyer.

Suffering an injury in any type of traffic accident can lead to an immense amount of uncertainty and confusion. You’ve got medical bills piling up, likely in addition to a number of other damages and losses, and you just want to receive the compensation you are owed by those responsible for the wreck. While this is always a challenging situation to untangle, things become even more complicated when your crash involved a bus or some other form of public transportation.

Cutting through the confusion is essential to getting the settlement you need, however. Attorney Our lawyer, a Phoenix bus accident lawyer, can help you make sense of everything and bring your claim to a successful conclusion.


Who Was Responsible for Your Bus Crash?

Determining fault for a bus wreck is difficult because these vehicles generally have more people involved in their maintenance and use than passenger cars and motorcycles do. Most buses are owned by a private company, a government agency, or a school district. While these entities are responsible for ensuring that the bus is safe for operation and that the driver is capable, there are several other elements to consider.

The driver, in particular, will need to be investigated. Not only do his or her actions need to be considered, such as whether cell phone use or intoxication were involved, but his or her driving record also needs to be reviewed. A driver with a history of infractions has no business transporting people, and this could also make the bus owner guilty of negligent hiring.

There are a number of less-obvious parties that could be at fault, however, and our Phoenix bus accident lawyer will help you determine if they played a role. The failure of a defective part will need to be considered and could implicate the part’s manufacturer or installer. A second government agency might be to blame if a dangerous road was a factor. And of course, it’s entirely possible that the driver of another vehicle caused the wreck.


What Can Be Compensated After a Bus Wreck?

By working with our Phoenix bus accident lawyer, you’ll be able to ensure that all of your losses and damages are included in your request for compensation. This includes current and future expenses and losses, and also covers losses both financial and otherwise.

These are just a few of the financial expenses you might have suffered because of a bus accident:

  • Medical bills for treatments, procedures, surgeries, and check-ups
  • Lost wages, income, and reduced earning capacity
  • Cost of medication, medical devices, and mobility aids
  • Vehicle repair and replacement
  • Caregiver wages and transportation expenses

Arriving at a full assessment of your personal injury claim’s value will also require evaluating how your bus crash injuries have affected your life and family. These are known as “non-economic damages” because they don’t have a direct financial cost but should be compensated regardless:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of companionship and damage done to your marriage
  • Lost sexual function
  • Emotional distress
  • Decreased enjoyment of life


Special Considerations in a Bus Crash Claim

Under normal circumstances, Arizona provides accident victims with a two-year statute of limitations in which to file a personal injury lawsuit seeking damages. If you were hurt in an accident with a bus owned by a private individual or business, such as a tour bus, this will probably apply to your case.

However, many buses are owned by schools and public transportation agencies—government entities. When you need to sue a government agency—whether it’s the county, city, or state—you have a much shorter time frame in which to make your case for compensation.

Attorney *, acting as your Phoenix bus accident lawyer, will need to file a formal claim with the appropriate government agency within 180 days from the date of the wreck. Filing your actual personal injury lawsuit will need to occur within just one year.


Contact a Phoenix Bus Crash Attorney

Getting compensated for the injuries you suffered in a bus wreck might be a challenge, but with the right legal counsel, you can come out on top. The Injury Law Group has the experience and knowledge you need to get the settlement you deserve.

We offer a free consultation to all new clients to discuss the details of their case with no obligation to proceed. To arrange a time to meet with Our lawyer, a capable Phoenix bus accident lawyer, give us a call at 602-456-4166 or complete the form below.