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Don't Let the Insurance Company Underpay You

Phoenix Car Accident Lawyer

Few things can change your life for the worse as quickly as an auto wreck. Find out if you have grounds for a personal injury case and what it could be worth by consulting with a Phoenix car accident lawyer.

While the physical injuries, property damage, and emotional trauma that result from car accidents can be bad enough, sometimes trying to get a fair and full settlement from the insurance company afterward can seem even worse. When someone else was at fault for the accident, this can make the situation go from bad to overwhelming.

At The Injury Law Group, we help people just like you take on the insurance companies and their attorneys in order to get the financial compensation needed for the fullest recovery possible. Whether you were hurt in a head-on collision with an 18-wheeler or in a rear-end accident with a taxi, our Phoenix car accident lawyer will help you identify everyone who was at fault and get the largest settlement available for your case.


Who Caused Your Auto Wreck?

In order to file a personal injury claim for your collision, the first thing we’ll need to do is determine precisely who was at fault for the accident and how. It’s entirely possible that multiple parties will bear some of the responsibility for what happened, and naming all of them in your claim will allow you to maximize the compensation that you could receive.

Our Phoenix car accident lawyer will investigate your wreck and determine what the underlying cause was. Described below are just a few of the possible factors that will need to be explored:

  • Distracted Driving – Driver distraction is the root cause of thousands of accidents every year. Cell phone use is the most common form, in which case it may be possible to request cell phone logs that prove the driver was texting or using an app when the crash occurred.
  • Drunk Driving – An act of gross negligence, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can be proven through the results of a sobriety, breath, or blood test performed by an officer or corroborated by witnesses who saw the driver drinking earlier in the night.
  • Faulty Auto Parts – Some crashes are even caused by defective parts, such as tires and brakes. When this happens, the link between the wreck and the design or manufacturing flaw will need to be proven so that you can hold the manufacturer accountable.
  • Dangerous Road Conditions – A surprising number of car accidents are caused by roads in disrepair. Potholes, steep shoulder drop-offs, and missing guardrails are just a few examples that might put the government entity in charge of maintaining the road at fault.
  • Road Construction – Roadwork sites that fail to redirect traffic safely or that expose drivers to dangerous equipment and conditions can easily result in traffic accidents that pin the blame squarely on the construction company.


Dealing with Insurance Companies After a Car Crash

Once fault has been established, the next step will be to assess the value of your claim and then begin negotiations with the at-fault party’s insurance company or attorney. Even if you start by working with your own insurance, it’s important to be aware that they are not on your side. Insurance companies are for-profit companies, and getting you to settle for as little as possible allows them to boost their profit margins.

With that in mind, you should never expect them to help you value your claim. Any settlement offer they make you is almost certainly going to be less than what you really deserve. Even worse, any statements you make will be recorded in the hope that they can be used to pin blame on you later—even if it means using them out of context. Any fault assigned to you will reduce the amount they’ll have to pay you.

This makes it important to let Phoenix Car Accident Lawyer Our lawyer handle all of the communications with the other side and negotiate the settlement on your behalf.


What’s a Fair Settlement for Your Car Accident?

Getting a fair and full settlement means knowing what your accident claim is worth before ever accepting an offer. Virtually any financial expense or non-economic damage you suffer because of your auto collision needs to be included in your final compensation amount.

Our Phoenix car accident lawyer can work with you and your healthcare providers to determine what your case is worth. Some of the financial damages you’ll be able to claim are as follows:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Vehicle repair and replacement
  • Cost of medication and mobility equipment
  • Expenses related to transportation, caretakers, and therapy
  • Lost wages and income due to being unable to work
  • Home or vehicle modifications made to accommodate an injury

You’ll also be able to claim non-economic damages, which essentially cover all of the negative ways that the wreck and your injuries have affected your quality of life. This includes damage done to your marriage, lost sexual function, lost enjoyment of life, and pain and suffering.


Your Crash Injuries Will Affect Your Compensation

The single greatest factor that will affect the damages you can claim will be the exact nature and extent of the injuries you suffer. Our Phoenix car accident lawyer has experience litigating claims for a number of different injury types, so you’ll know that your settlement takes all of your future needs and expenses into account.

For example, a brain injury could negatively impact your ability to work and maintain personal relationships. Ongoing medical care and expensive medication could be required for the rest of your life. Likewise, a spine or neck injury could result in chronic pain and reduced mobility. If you become paralyzed, you will require expensive medical equipment and may even need a new job and home renovations.

Injuries such as broken bones and burns may be easier to recover from, but your life will still be negatively affected while you heal. Regardless of how severe your injury is and how long it lasts, if you weren’t at fault, you deserve to be compensated for how it impacts your life and finances.


Phoenix Car Accident FAQ

After a traffic accident, you most likely feel uncertain about what your next step should be. This is completely normal, and we’ve addressed some of the most common concerns we hear from crash victims below. If you would like more information, feel free to contact our office so that you can speak with Our lawyer, our Phoenix car accident lawyer.

How much time do I have to file a personal injury claim for my car accident?

In Arizona, you are allowed a two-year statute of limitations in which you can file a personal injury claim for an auto wreck. If you wait to file after two years have passed, your case could be thrown out of court without ever being heard.

Will I have to go to court for my car accident?

The vast majority of car crash claims are able to be settled out of court through negotiations. Court will only become necessary if the insurance or at-fault party refuses to make a fair compensation offer.

What can I do if my family member was killed in a car wreck?

If someone else was at fault for the fatal accident, you might have the option to file a wrongful death lawsuit. This will allow you to recover financial damages similar to a personal injury claim, with the addition of funeral expenses.


Consult with a Phoenix Auto Wreck Attorney

Don’t let a car crash ruin your finances and your future. The Injury Law Group can help you get the insurance settlement you need to pay for your recovery and to get your life back on track. To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with our Phoenix car accident lawyer, simply call 602-456-4166 or complete the contact form on this page.