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Phoenix Car Accident Spine Injury Lawyer

As a common cause of spinal injuries, car crashes leave thousands of people paralyzed, in chronic pain, or with limited mobility every year. If you’re one of these individuals, you now face the need for ongoing medical care, mobility equipment, and special accommodations—possibly for the rest of your life.

This all justifies you to seek compensation when someone else caused the auto wreck that caused your back injury. Obtaining these funds requires proving the negligence that caused the crash and demonstrating how your spinal damage has negatively affected your life and finances. Our lawyer, an experienced Phoenix car accident spine injury lawyer, can help you overcome both of these issues.


Why an Auto Wreck Back Injury Justifies Compensation

From back pain to quadriplegia, spine injuries caused by car crashes can negatively impact your life in a number of different ways. The consequences to your quality of life will probably be the most readily apparent and pervasive.

Fractured vertebrae, soft-tissue injuries, and minor nerve damage might heal in time, but it’s just as likely that you’ll experience lasting pain and limited mobility. This can prevent you from working, costing you income, and it can make it impossible to take part in the activities you once enjoyed. You’ll likely also be at high risk for future re-injury.

Something more severe, such as a severed spinal cord, could lead to full or partial paralysis. This sort of back injury will result in everything listed above, in addition to expensive ongoing medical care that could require recurrent surgeries. You’ll need special equipment, such as a wheelchair or scooter, and will probably need a new vehicle that’s handicap-accessible.


Settling Your Spinal Damage Claim

Once the full extent of your spine injury is known, a demand for compensation can be sent to the at-fault driver’s insurance company. This demand will list all the financial expenses and non-economic damages detailed above, plus any others that apply to your unique situation.

In most cases, the insurance company will make a counteroffer, but if your case is particularly strong, they may settle according to your terms right away. Court will only be necessary if they refuse to take your back injury claim seriously, in which case Attorney * will represent you during trial, ensuring that your side of the story is told in the most effective way possible and supported by compelling evidence.


Contact a Phoenix Car Accident Back Injury Lawyer

From rear-end collisions to head-on accidents, spine injuries all too commonly occur in auto wrecks. While these injuries can vary in both their severity and their impact on your life, they all justify compensation for the pain, stress, and life-altering changes they put you through.

The Injury Law Group can help you get the most compensation possible for the spinal damage you suffered in your car crash. To explore your legal options, schedule a free consultation with our Phoenix car accident back injury lawyer by calling 602-456-4166 or by completing the online contact form at the bottom of this page.