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Phoenix Car Accident Whiplash Lawyer

Commonly seen in rear-end collisions and T-bone accidents, whiplash is an incredibly painful injury that can have substantial negative consequences. Fortunately, when your neck injury was sustained in an auto wreck, you have the option to pursue compensation for your damages and losses through a personal injury claim.

This will mean taking on an insurance company, something you won’t want to do without experienced legal representation. Our lawyer, a Phoenix car accident whiplash lawyer, can handle the insurance company on your behalf, which will allow you to focus on healing from your neck injury and getting your life back to normal.


Whiplash and Its Effects

Whiplash is an injury that affects the soft tissues surrounding the spinal cord in the neck. These tissues become damaged and inflamed, resulting in severe pain, stiffness, and a limited range of motion. Needless to say, whiplash can greatly decrease the quality of your life.

You’ll probably need to wear a neck brace while you recover, further hindering your mobility. This neck injury can even prevent you from being able to work and drive, resulting in lost income and expenses for alternative transportation.

In the worst cases, you might require physical therapy and expensive, addictive pain medications. This all amounts to significant financial expenses and a standard of living that is greatly reduced.


Proving Fault for a Car Crash Neck Injury

Because whiplash is most often seen in rear-end and side-impact collisions, distracted and drunk driving are often involved. Whatever the specific nature of your wreck, it will be necessary to build a compelling case that collects all the necessary evidence and witness testimony. Your case shouldn’t just prove the other side’s fault, however; it should also limit your own liability.

Arizona uses comparative negligence when settling traffic collision claims, which means that any percentage of fault that you are found responsible for will be used to reduce your financial settlement. This is why it’s critical to retain an attorney who knows how to build a case that mitigates your own level of fault, which in turn maximizes the compensation you receive in the end.

By working with Attorney Our lawyer, you’ll have an attorney experienced in car accident whiplash claims. He can investigate your crash, uncover all available evidence, and then negotiate a settlement that will cover all of the damages and losses created by your neck injury.


An Experienced Phoenix Car Accident Neck Injury Lawyer

Getting fully compensated for a car crash is no simple manner, and this is equally true of whiplash claims. Work with The Injury Law Group and receive the benefits of one-on-one attention from a capable and knowledgeable personal injury attorney. You deserve to have your case taken seriously by the insurance company, and Attorney * will make certain that you receive the largest settlement possible for your case.

Arrange a time for your free consultation and find out what your case might be worth. To begin, simply enter your information into the form below or give our office a call at 602-456-4166.