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Don't Let the Insurance Company Underpay You

Phoenix T-Bone Accident Lawyer

If you were injured in a T-bone car accident, you should be compensated by the responsible party. Get a fair settlement by working with a Phoenix T-bone accident lawyer.

A T-bone accident, also called a side-impact collision, occurs when one driver strikes the side of another vehicle head-on so that the two vehicles form a “T.” If you’ve ever been T-boned by another vehicle, you know that it can be a truly frightening experience with severe consequences. Aside from causing substantial damage to your vehicle, T-bone accidents can result in serious physical injuries.

If you’ve experienced a T-bone accident, you may be facing a difficult recovery posed by diminished physical capacity, limited mobility as a result of damage to your vehicle, and significant bills. Additionally, an initial settlement offer from the insurance company will often be too low to cover your needs.

A side-impact collision caused by another driver’s carelessness shouldn’t leave you stuck with sky-high expenses. The Injury Law Group’s Phoenix T-bone accident lawyer can work to get you a full and fair settlement.


Determining Fault in Side-Impact Collisions

There are various scenarios in which a T-bone accident may occur. Depending on the situation, either the driver of the impacting car or the impacted car may be found liable. Our Phoenix T-bone accident lawyer will work with you to review the details of your case and determine fault.

One common scenario in which the impacting driver would most likely be found at fault is when a driver travels through a red light or stop sign and collides with another vehicle. In another scenario, a driver may be found at-fault if he or she hit the other car while backing up, as in a parking lot.

However, the impacted driver could also be found at fault. This may be the case if the impacted driver made an illegal left turn and the other driver did not have sufficient time to react.

Whether you were the impacted or impacting driver, you should not be held responsible for another driver’s poor decisions. We will review all the specifics of your case and work to get you every penny you’re owed.


Determining What Your T-Bone Claim Is Worth

A side-impact collision can have devastating effects on your life. Victims in T-bone accidents may suffer significant physical challenges, including increased rates of traumatic brain injuries. In addition to physical injury and damage to your vehicle, a side-impact collision can have an intangible negative impact on your life.

A settlement from an insurance company is unlikely to take into account all of these factors. Insurance companies are often more concerned with protecting their own bottom lines than giving a fair payout. Our Phoenix T-bone accident lawyer will take into consideration all damages and losses caused by your accident when assessing the value of your crash claim:

  • Current and future medical bills
  • Lost wages and diminished earning capacity
  • Needed car repairs
  • Physical or emotional therapy
  • Pain and suffering
  • Decreased quality of life

While it can be tempting to accept an insurance company’s initial settlement offer, we can make sure you get the full amount you deserve and not just the bare minimum.


Contact a Phoenix Side-Impact Collision Lawyer

If another driver was responsible for your side-impact collision, they need to be held responsible. Contact Our lawyer, a Phoenix T-bone accident lawyer, today. Call 602-456-4166 or fill out the online contact form below to arrange a time for your initial free consultation.