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Phoenix Uber Car Accident Lawyer

Collisions involving Uber drivers can make getting compensated for injuries and damages incredibly complicated. Make sure you get the money that you are due by working with a Phoenix Uber car accident lawyer.

Rideshare services such as Uber might seem convenient, but they can create an unbelievable headache should you ever have the misfortune to get injured in a wreck caused by one of their drivers. Since Uber drivers are essentially independent contractors, and because Uber’s insurance policies are contingent on several different conditions, determining who is financially liable for damages is not simple.

Even worse, you can expect all of the parties involved to deny responsibility, leaving you uncompensated, injured, and needing to prove your case. Our lawyer, a Phoenix Uber car accident lawyer, can help you do exactly that, thereby enabling you to receive the money you need to pay for your recovery.


When Uber Is Financially Liable for a Wreck

Because Uber drivers are independent contractors rather than actual employees, Uber does not become automatically liable when their drivers cause a traffic crash through negligence. Uber instead has a couple of different tiers of insurance policies that activate if certain conditions are met.

Their most comprehensive policy applies when the driver has accepted a ride request through the Uber app. This means that if the driver was transporting a paying passenger at the time of your crash, Uber’s insurance should cover your damages and losses. Likewise, if the driver is en route to pick up the passenger, this same policy should apply.

A lesser contingent policy becomes active when the driver has the Uber app turned on but has not yet accepted a ride request from a user. This policy has lower coverage limits, and it also generally requires that you first seek compensation from the driver’s personal insurance company. If they don’t honor your injury claim, then this policy should kick in.


Sometimes the Uber Driver Is Financially Liable

There are also occasions where Uber will claim no responsibility for a driver’s actions whatsoever. This mostly applies to when the driver has the Uber app turned off and is effectively on his or her own free time. Uber will not accept any financial liability for a crash that happens during these times, and you will instead need to seek compensation from the driver’s insurance.

In the worst-case scenario, the Uber driver’s personal insurance might contain a clause that terminates the policy if the vehicle is used for commercial purposes, such as ridesharing. Under these circumstances, you would then need to either file an uninsured driver claim with your own carrier or seek full compensation from the rideshare driver directly through a personal injury lawsuit.


Get Help from a Phoenix Rideshare Car Accident Lawyer

If crashes involving Uber drivers sound complicated, it’s because they are. Uber might even deny that a driver had the app active, making it necessary to request cell phone logs to prove whether the app was engaged or not. Whatever direction your case takes, The Injury Law Group will know how to handle it, who to seek compensation from, and how to get the most money possible for your injuries.

It all starts with a free consultation to discuss your case with our Phoenix Uber accident lawyer. To arrange a time for yours, just complete the form below or give us a call at 602-456-4166.