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Phoenix Public Transportation Accident Lawyer

Getting hurt while riding any form of public transportation can cause both serious injuries and deep emotional distress, both of which are sure to be followed by significant medical bills. Find out how to receive a settlement to cover your damages by working with a Phoenix public transportation accident lawyer.

The aftermath of any traffic accident can be an overwhelming and stressful time—you’ve been injured and are probably worried about how you’re ever going to get all of your medical bills paid. However, public transportation accidents can be especially challenging, because determining who was at fault in these crashes is so much more complicated than collisions involving motorcycles and passenger cars.

In any event, if you were a passenger and someone else caused the crash, you’re absolutely justified in seeking financial compensation for your injuries and other damages. Getting a fair settlement might be challenging, but Our lawyer, an experienced Phoenix public transportation accident lawyer, can help you get exactly that.


Why Is Determining Fault in Public Transportation Crashes Complicated?

Much like with accidents involving commercial trucks, the typical public transportation vehicle has far more entities involved in its operation and maintenance than a private automobile does. Our Phoenix public transportation accident lawyer can help you investigate how each of the entities relevant to your crash may have played a role in what happened:

  • Taxi Accidents – Fault in taxicab crashes may belong to the cabbie, the taxi company, or even the entity responsible for overseeing taxi licensing and operations.
  • Bus Crashes Whether a commuter bus or a school bus, multiple parties could be to blame in the event of an accident. These include the school district, the driver, the bus company, and even a government entity responsible for overseeing public transportation.
  • Rideshare Accidents – Rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft continue to rise in popularity, but fault in these collisions can be difficult to sort out. Depending on the status of the app at the time of the accident, your compensation may need to come from either the driver’s or the rideshare company’s insurer.
  • Train Wrecks – Commuter light-rail train accidents are rare, but they do happen. When they do, the engineer, train company, maintenance company, or even a government entity could all be to blame.


Getting a Fair Settlement for a Public Transportation Wreck

Regardless of who turns out to be at fault, your financial compensation is most likely going to come from an insurance company when everything is said and done. It’s important to be aware that the insurer isn’t going to pay out more than they absolutely have to, so you need to know your claim’s true value before ever accepting a settlement offer.

Our Phoenix public transportation accident lawyer will assist you in uncovering every expense and loss that the wreck has caused you. This includes financial damages such as lost wages and income, medical treatment and procedures, medication, mobility equipment, medical devices, and renovations made to accommodate your injuries.

You will also have experienced a number of non-economic damages that will have had a negative impact on your standard of living. These also deserve to be compensated and include pain and suffering, lost companionship, and decreased enjoyment of life.


Contact a Phoenix Public Transportation Crash Attorney

Whether you were hurt while riding a bus or were hit by an Uber driver, you need to receive a settlement that pays for all of your financial expenses and non-economic losses. To find out if you have grounds to file a personal injury claim, schedule a time to meet with Our lawyer, our Phoenix public transportation accident lawyer, by calling 602-456-4166 or by completing the form on this page.