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Don't Let the Insurance Company Underpay You

Tempe Car Accident Lawyer

By working with a Tempe car accident lawyer, you can find out how to get the financial compensation you need to cover all of your damages and losses.

In addition to the injuries suffered, an auto wreck can result in a large number of unforeseen expenses and can greatly reduce your quality of life. When someone else’s carelessness caused your crash, you deserve compensation, which will most likely come from an insurance company. However, attempting to negotiate a settlement on your own puts you at risk of being treated unfairly by the insurer and of being left with inadequate compensation to pay for your future crash-related needs.

Our lawyer is a Tempe car accident lawyer that can deal with these challenges on your behalf so that you can focus on your recovery and moving on from the wreck. The Injury Law Group puts the needs of clients first, so you’ll be kept informed of what’s happening while Attorney * goes to work getting you the settlement that you deserve.


Identifying Who Caused Your Auto Wreck

Our Tempe car accident lawyer will conduct a full investigation into your collision. This will be crucial to the success of your personal injury claim, as getting a favorable settlement will require a convincing argument backed by evidence and witness testimony that clearly demonstrates the other side’s fault.

It’s also possible that multiple parties might have been partially at fault, so identifying and naming all of them will be essential for maximizing the value of your claim. Detailed below are a few of the different entities that will need to be considered and how they might have been to blame:

  • Other Drivers – Any number of different factors could lead a negligent driver to crash into you. Speeding and reckless driving will need to be investigated, as well as distraction, intoxication, fatigue, and road rage.
  • Auto and Parts Manufacturers – Auto and part recalls happen all the time, often triggered by defects that are discovered after they cause a crash. We’ll need to determine where in the manufacturing and supply chain the defect occurred and prove the link to your accident.
  • Government Entities – Dangerous roads and intersections cause a surprising number of accidents and could implicate the agency responsible for maintaining them. Claims against the government have special regulations, however, so we’ll need to act quickly.


Valuing a Car Crash Claim

Never trust an insurance adjuster or opposing attorney to tell you the full value of your personal injury claim. They are paid to limit your compensation, whether by lowballing your settlement offer or blaming you for the wreck.

Our Tempe car accident lawyer knows what needs to be accounted for to arrive at a comprehensive settlement amount. In the end, all of your financial damages and non-economic losses need to be considered, which could include any of the items listed below that apply to your case:

  • Medical care, surgery, and other procedures
  • Physical and emotional therapy
  • Lost income and loss of employment opportunities caused by a disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Decreased quality of life


Help from a Tempe Auto Wreck Attorney

It’s not easy to get fairly compensated for a traffic collision, even when someone else was blatantly at fault. When you work with The Injury Law Group, our Tempe car accident lawyer can help you take on the insurers and get the settlement your recovery requires. To arrange a time to meet for a free, no-pressure case evaluation, simply give us a call at 602-456-4166 or complete the online contact form below.