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The Five Most Dangerous Intersections in Phoenix

The Five Most Dangerous Intersections in Phoenix

Phoenix traffic collisions have been on the rise for four straight years, with intersections being especially dangerous. An estimated 25 percent of traffic fatalities and 50 percent of collision injuries happen in these places. These “planned points of conflict,” as the Federal Highway Safety Administration calls them, require that drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists all be vigilant to avoid causing an accident.

In ranking high-risk crossroads in Arizona, Phoenix is home to half of the most dangerous ones. The west and central metro areas are the most risky, with many shops, residents, and businesses making driving hectic. The area between Indian School and Camelback Roads and 19th Avenue and 27th Avenue are the most highly populated in the city, making these roadways especially volatile.

Data collected by the Arizona Department of Transportation (DOT) in 2015 showed the following intersections were the most dangerous:


1. 67th Avenue and McDowell Road (Tied with No. 2)

2015 Statistics: 67 Crashes (39 Injuries, 0 Fatalities)

This route is popular with folks trying to stay off the interstate during rush hour. Plenty of residents and multiple lanes also feed into the chaos. Rear-end collisions are common, as are left-turn crashes. An estimated 60,468 people were said to travel this road daily in 2013.


2. 67th Avenue and Indian School Road (Tied with No. 1)

2015 Statistics: 67 Crashes (39 Injuries, 0 Fatalities)

This spot features many apartments and private houses. Unfortunately, the old adage about most accidents happening near home appears to be true: A National Highway Traffic Safety Association study said that 50 percent of accidents happen within five miles of home and 70 percent occurred within ten miles. Daily traffic for this intersection saw 69,495 motorists per day in 2013.


3. 35th Avenue and Bethany Home Road

2015 Statistics: 61 Crashes (37 Injuries, 1 Fatality)

An array of strip malls, automotive shops, schools, a psychic, and a nearby Walmart and Starbucks all contribute to make this area high on convenience—but also in danger.


4. 7th Avenue and Indian School Road

2015 Statistics: 56 Crashes (36 Injuries, 0 Fatalities)

A long, arterial street, Indian School Road is the top offender on this list with three major trouble spots. It’s also one of the widest streets in town, adding lane change mayhem to an already busy thoroughfare.


5. 27th Avenue and Camelback Road

2015 Statistics: 51 Crashes (34 Injuries, 1 Fatality)

This is a popular road for commuters and for those en route to Grand Canyon University. The presence of fast food restaurants and several shops increases the potential for quick pull-outs and distraction. A 2013 study estimated that 61,002 drivers travel this road per day.


Other Car Accident Trouble Spots in Phoenix

Runners up to this list of dangerous intersections include 43rd Avenue and Thomas Road, 99th Avenue and Lower Buckeye Road, 75th Avenue and Indian School Road, 7th Street and Indian School Road, and 59th Avenue and Thomas Road.


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